Predictive Search: Cortana vs. Google Now and Siri

CortanaThere are currently three major mobile operating systems in the market: Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Whilst Google and Apple already have their own Mobile Personal Assistants, respectively named Google Now and Siri, Microsoft is working hard on Cortana, which is currently undergoing Beta Testing in the United States. Due for production late 2014 – early 2015, Cortana, as well as Google Now also implement Predictive Search, a feature Apple’s Siri is missing. With Bing slowly but surely gaining market in the United States, scoring right after Google in search engine rankings, will Siri be able to keep up with its immediate competitors lacking Predictive Search and a proprietary Search Engine?

Read more about it in this highly interesting article found in Search Engine Land and written by Danny Sullivan.

Dou you think Cortana is a serious and dangerous competitor for Google Now? What about Siri?

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